Downtime Cocktails, Inc. dba Batch 22

Downtime Cocktails, Inc. dba Batch 22

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Downtime Cocktails is introducing America to a New American Aquavit - Batch 22.


Aquavit, which comes from Latin roots meaning “water of life,” has been produced since the 15th Century, but traditional aquavit has a very distinct alcoholic “burn” and features flavors like anise, fennel, and cumin which tend to be overpowering. We decided to create a spirit that is much more citrus forward, with central notes of toasted caraway, making our version of aquavit extra smooth, complex, and approachable—something that adds a touch of magic when used as a mixer, but that could also be enjoyed neat or on the rocks.


We think we got it.


Batch 22 is the result of all our hard work.

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